Our plan

Our health service plan 2022–2037 sets out our strategic plan that we'll carry out in the next 5 years. It also gives an overview of our plan and vision for the next 15 years.

We've created it to meet our community's specific health needs, now and in the future. Our health services plan supports our ongoing commitment to modern, quality and sustainable health care services.

Our priorities

We have 5 main priorities:

  1. Strengthening our core functions to optimise and transform our services
  2. Making sure there is equity and accessibility of care across our community
  3. Using technology to improve sustainable and targeted service models
  4. Developing genuine partnerships to increase service integration
  5. Caring for and future-proofing our workforce to provide sustainable, evidence based care for our patients

The health service plan also supports our strategic plan and goals. It explains what health services we need based on our 2022 local area needs assessment (LANA). It also helps guide our other service plans including:

  • a new Bundaberg hospital
  • growing our specialist health services across the Wide Bay area
  • building a new mental health inpatient centre in Hervey Bay.

Read our health service plan 2022–2037 [PDF 4.7 MB] [PDF 4808.78 KB] to learn more.

Last updated: May 2024