What is a public interest disclosure

A public interest disclosure (PID) is when you tell an official that someone in a government department has acted in an illegal or dangerous way.

A PID might also be called whistleblowing or a wrongdoing

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (PID Act) defines a wrongdoing as:

  • acts that cause a substantial and specific danger to the health or safety of the public or a person with a disability
  • acts that cause a substantial and specific danger to the environment
  • environmental offences as described in Schedule 2 of the PID Act
  • corrupt conduct as defined by the Crime and Corruption Act 2001
  • mismanagement that negatively affects a person’s interests in a substantial and specific way
  • a substantial misuse of public resources
  • retaliation against someone who has made a PID.

To make a PID you must have information that you believe proves a person working in a government department has committed a wrongdoing. You must also follow the correct PID process and make your disclosure to an officer at a proper government authority.

Learn more about public interest disclosures on the Queensland Ombudsman's website. You can also read our management of public interest disclosures policy [PDF 348.16 KB].

Who can make a public interest disclosure

Anyone can make a PID about a substantial and specific danger to the public, a person with a disability or the environment.

If you work for us or another public sector agency, you can also make a PID about:

  • corrupt conduct
  • maladministration
  • misuse of resources
  • a danger to public health and safety.

How to make a public interest disclosure

If you work for us

You can make a disclosure to a senior manager or human resources manager. When you do, make sure you ask for your information to be treated under the PID Act.

If you’re not sure if your information or complaint is a public interest matter you can contact our human resources team for help. We can also help if you have a disclosure about a different government agency.

Learn more about what an appropriate disclosure is and who you tell on the Queensland Ombudsman website.

Email your PID to WideBay-HSD-HR@health.qld.gov.au.

You can also send your PID via post or by calling your local human resources team.


Fraser Coast 

If you don't work for us

Post your PID to our Chief Executive at PO Box 34, Bundaberg Qld 4670.

You can also make a PID directly to:

If your disclosure is about another government department contact the Queensland Ombudsman.

Privacy and confidentiality

Under the PID Act your personal information and the information about people in your disclosure are confidential.

It’s an offence under the PID Act to reveal confidential information unless we’re required to do so under the Act or other laws.  In some cases, we may need to share information about your disclosure with other government departments.

We also make sure there is fair process for staff making a disclosure, and for the person being reported in the disclosure. This means we may need to give the person the PID is about enough information so they can respond.

We’ll only disclose your personal information for specific reasons under section 65 of the Act, including to:

  • make a mandatory report to the Crime and Corruption Commission
  • refer your disclosure to another public sector agency or government department
  • give information to a court or tribunal
  • meet a mandatory obligation under another law.

You can’t be punished or treated unfairly for making a PID.

Our commitment

We have an obligation to deal with wrongdoing and want staff and members of the public to feel comfortable making a disclosure.

We encourage anyone who believes they’ve seen a wrongdoing to make a disclosure.

If you work for us, you have an ethical responsibility to report fraud, corruption or maladministration under the:

Last updated: September 2023