Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service Seeks New Volunteers

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Volunteer Services coordinator Kim Hanns says she has the best job!

A typical day for the volunteer coordinator involves engaging with the community, coordinating donations, training new volunteers, and working closely with hospital wards to identify where volunteer support is most needed.

"The generosity and commitment I see daily inspire me and I really love my job because I get to help people in so many varied ways," she said.

“Our volunteers are so special, and it is such a privilege to work alongside them.

“Their hard work and commitment make a world of difference, and we are immensely grateful for everything they do," she added.

A key part of Kim’s work is recruiting new volunteers and ensuring they find a job they love coming to.

"We strive to match volunteers with roles that fit their interests and skills, ensuring they feel valued and fulfilled," she said.

Great qualities for volunteers include empathy, reliability, and good communication skills.

"We believe everyone has something valuable to offer and we have so many different types of volunteer positions that suit different people," she said.

“Volunteering with us can be a transformative experience, particularly for those lacking confidence.

"We've seen remarkable changes in our volunteers, especially people who initially felt unsure or nervous but have become some of our most dedicated team members," she said.

Comprehensive training and ongoing support are provided to all volunteers, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident in their roles.

“For those interested in volunteering, the process begins with a simple phone call to arrange a face-to-face meeting with me,” Kim said.

"This conversation helps us find the right fit for each volunteer, creating a positive experience for both the individual and the organisation,".

To get involved and make a difference in the community, potential volunteers are encouraged to make the call today on 4184 1862