Serving breakfast with a side of love

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When they Fay and Chris signed up to spend their golden years giving back to the community, they could never have imagined how much they would personally gain.

Volunteering weekly to cook a breakfast barbeque for children who didn’t get breakfast at home, the pair instantly hit it off.

“We started working together in January and were chatting all the time,” Faye said.

“By March we were going out.

“We were old you and you don’t have time to mess around so we married at my house in October.”

Faye said she liked that Chris was kind and loving, Chris loved how nice Faye was to talk to and that they had shared interests.

The couple had both been living in Maryborough for decades but had run in completely different circles and only met in 2021.

The pair now 78 and 83 have been volunteering at the front desk at Maryborough Hospital.

“We do most things together because we really love each other” Faye said.

“You just don’t know how much time you have.

The pair are so in sync they have two mowers so they can mow together.

“We are exceedingly happy, and we are exceedingly happy to have found each other.

Faye who worked as a nurse before retirement said she first came to volunteer at the hospital as her friend was doing it.

“I would fill in when needed and eventually I started going all the time.

“Once my friend left, I got Chris to start and I am always encouraging people to start volunteering.”

Faye said a real drawcard to volunteering was being able to feel useful.

“When you are retired you can actually get bored waking up every day with nothing to do.

“You feel an immense satisfaction after spending a day giving back.”