A ‘Tooth-riffic’ Time

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The Fraser Coast School dental team have been having a ‘tooth-riffic’ time spreading the importance of good food and toothbrushing skills to the children of Wide Bay.

With the help of the Tooth fairy, Toothpaste and ‘Sparkles’ the Tooth, the team have been visiting kindergartens and daycare centres to deliver a fun and interactive talk around good and bad dental foods and how you clean your teeth so they are happy and healthy each day.

Oral Health Team Leader Anna Bromham said the children have enjoyed listening and talking to the characters and asking questions to help increase their knowledge.

“We show the children good dental foods as well as the foods that aren’t as good for our teeth,” she said.

“Whilst we are talking about these foods, the children start to notice that Sparkles is beginning to have some tooth germs and a hole that is hurting her, making her very sad.

“We then read a story book to them about how to brush their teeth.

“As Toothpaste brushes Sparkles with the toothbrush, the germs start to disappear and Sparkles is very happy again, she even does a ‘happy dance’ in celebration.

“The idea of the talk is to show the children the connection between eating foods in moderation and the need to brush our teeth two times a day to help keep the tooth bugs away so our teeth can be happy”.

At the end of the talk, each child takes home a dental sample bag with a toothbrush and other dental goodies including a dental story and colouring in.