Paediatric Sepsis Week Raises Awareness Amidst Startling Statistics

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During Paediatric Sepsis Week this month, WBBHS have focused on the critical issue of sepsis, particularly its impact on children.

Startling statistics reveal that over 80% of sepsis cases originate in the community, with more than 50 children succumbing to sepsis annually in Australia alone.

Alarmingly, only 14% of Australians can identify a symptom of this life-threatening condition.

In response, BBH Education, along with Paediatrics and Emergency Department staff, have initiated an education campaign within Bundaberg Hospital.

A stall positioned prominently in front of the Thirst Aid Cafe serves as a hub for information dissemination.

Additionally, elevators, the Emergency Department, and the Paediatric ward feature sepsis awareness posters.

Throughout the hospital, staff members wearing purple lanyards are engaging with visitors and fellow employees, aiming to spark conversations and increase awareness about the signs of sepsis in children.

Externally, the public is being informed about the significance of Paediatric Sepsis Week through communications highlighting the gravity of sepsis as a medical emergency.

The campaign stresses the importance of early recognition and treatment, especially given the challenge of diagnosing sepsis in children when symptoms may mimic those of mild infections.

Internally, healthcare professionals are reminded of their crucial role in identifying and treating paediatric sepsis promptly.

By enhancing awareness and understanding among clinicians, the campaign seeks to significantly improve outcomes for children and their families affected by this potentially deadly condition.

As Paediatric Sepsis Week progresses, the concerted efforts of healthcare providers and community members aim to bring attention to this urgent issue, ultimately saving lives through increased awareness and proactive intervention.